Neato 205 "Breakneck"
Neato 205 "Breakneck"

Neato 205 "Breakneck"

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GetFast is pleased to announce that we will now be featuring Neato Frames, which now have a lifetime warranty!!

A frame that not only looks good but can reach obnoxious speeds?

Your dreams have come true.

The Neato Breakneck, named after the kind of speeds we want you to reach, is the flagship design in the new Neato Race line.

Key features:

  • 205mm with clearance for 5-inch props
  • VTX slot for easy race day frequency management
  • XT60 management slot
  • Antenna mounting point
  • Titanium bolts!
  • 3d printed skirt with gaping air vents to catch prop wash, keeping your internals cool

This is our first in a line of race specific frames, and we know you’re going to love it because it’s…


With a 1.5mm carbon fiber top plate and 4mm bottom plate, this frame is meant for speed. It’s meant for you to push your limits. Take the corners closer, hit the gates faster, and have no fear. At 4mm, it will take a beating and beg you for more.

And if you push the frame past its limits, we got you covered with our premium warranty each frame comes with.


Flying boxes with unsightly wires are a thing of the past. Designed to house all your electronics within 3d printed side skirts, arm mounting is over.


Our freestyle frames may make you swoon at their curves, but curves don’t come off as aggressive. And we think a race frame should be just that. Aggressive. But there’s no reason aggressive can’t be sexy, and we think we nailed it with this angular frame, from the carbon plates to the angles on the gaping air vents, this frame brings out lust like no other and looks just as fast as it will be in your hands.

While some call Neato Frames the supercars of mini quads…

We call this one the Neato Breakneck.

All Neato 205 frames come with top quality black 3d printed…

• skirt, to keep your quad looking clean and your electronics safe, and…

• skids to keep your carbon damage free when landing,

as well as all the necessary titanium and aluminum hardware!



    Neato 205 "Breakneck"
    Neato 205 "Breakneck"
    Neato 205 "Breakneck"
    Neato 205 "Breakneck"
    Neato 205 "Breakneck"
    Neato 205 "Breakneck"